Organizing for the International Green New Deal


Fossil fuel industries are driving us into climate catastrophe — and the world’s working class will be forced to pay for their greed. This toolkit helps you organize to fight for a just transition around the world.

Our future has been held hostage by a handful of oil and gas executives. For decades, they have lied to the public about the dangers of fossil fuel extraction, and bought off politicians to repeat their message. They are internationally organized, infiltrating institutions at both national and international levels to advance their agenda of extraction. Their incredible wealth means their families will be fine, but the rest of us won’t.

Young people around the world are organizing to take back their future — and in the United States, Sunrise is leading the way.

Sunrise is a movement of young people working to combat the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs in the process. In just a few years, Sunrise has organized national strikes and direct actions in cities across the United States that have inspired millions to join the fight for a ‘Green New Deal.’

This toolkit answers questions like:

  • What is the ‘Green New Deal,’ and why should we fight for it?
  • How can we organize around the Green New Deal to build people power?
  • And how can we use this people power to expand our political power and create a ‘people’s alignment’?

Download the Sunrise toolkit and begin organizing your community for a just transition today.

The Progressive International is committed to building a climate movement that is as internationally organized as its opponents in the fossil fuel industry. If you are a climate activist or community organizer that would like to get involved with the Progressive International — or organize actions related to this campaign — please write to


Sunrise's International Green New Deal Toolkit


Download the Sunrise Movement toolkit and start organizing for a Green New Deal today.
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